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Wedding or Party Decorations: Easy Paper Lanterns

Need a fast, simple, and cheap table decoration for your wedding or party? Make these paper lanterns- they are so simple and add a pop of color to your table. You can use scrapbook paper, heavy wrapping paper, craft paper, or any stiff paper that will stand. Color coordinate with your party theme; you can personalize with stamps, punch a decoration, or ribbon trim.


Scrapbook paper sheets

Double sided tape or glue stick

Mason jars or other jar, vase, etc

Candles: floating candles, tealights, or other light source

These lanterns are so easy to make and can really dress up a table or customize any party for very little money! Since scrapbook paper comes in all colors and patterns, you really have endless options. Here's the how to:

Get a sheet of scrapbook paper. If it is thick, you'll want to cut in some designs so light will shine through. If the paper is thin or you use vellum, you don't need to cut in a design. You can use a hole punch or a paper cutter- or a utility knife. Use a glue stick or double faced tape along the edge of the back side of the paper to form the paper into a cylinder.

Put the light source into the jar. LED lights work great but you don't want to see the clunky base through the paper so use a dense paper with a design at the top. You won't even need a container if you use the LED lights. If you opt for candles, including tealights or votive candles, make sure to put some sand or salt in the bottom of the vase, glass, or container to keep the candle off the bottom of the jar so that it does not get too hot. A great use for canning jars, you can cut the paper to different lengths to stagger the height of the

This is a great use for floating candles or even glo-sticks!

Place the paper cylinder over the jar.... and you have a customized lantern!

Design your paper lantern so light will shine through using a punch or create your own design!Use LED lights or flameless candles for long-lasting light! Put them in a clear canning jar or vase so the wind does not blow them over!

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