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Weekend Cocktail: Summer Bourbon Slushy 

While at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, the girls from the Atlanta Food & Wine Festivalwere serving some deliciously refreshing adult beverages to the crowd. Everyone kept telling me I just had to try them and boy were they good...frozen bourbon slushies! I thought there must be some big secret recipe to making them... but as it turns out, not so much. They are super simple and go down sooooo smooth! Whir up a batch for your BBQ this weekend!


Makes 8-10 depending on serving size

6 cans or bottles Coca-Cola

8 ounces bourbon (I liked the Woodford Reserve they used so I used that but use your favorite)



Put the ice and bourbon in a blender or other device to crush the ice. Pulse to break up the ice, then once you have, let it run while you pour in each Coke. Let blend until smooth and frosty. Serve!

Note: If you have a frozen drink maker, break that out! It will work. I also had the big idea to use my ice cream maker! Now, the ice cream maker won't make more than 3 but it works for a small crowd. If you don't have any of these small appliances, you can put the Coca-Cola and the bourbon in a large plastic jug with a lid and put it in your freezer. (reuse a plastic milk jug or juice container) Let it freeze for a couple of hours, shaking occasionally. Don't let it freeze solid- you want it to be slushy so you can drink with a straw. Another delicious rendition is Root Beer! Just use root beer and some root beer flavored vodka. So good on a hot day! Enjoy!

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